Michael Bell Architects (MBA), known for their 
classic and timeless designs, faced a challenge with 
their brand and online presence. Their existing branding and website were outdated, not reflecting the premium, bespoke services they offer to their affluent client base.


MBA’s challenge was an incongruity between their high-end architectural services and their digital footprint. The outdated brand and website did not align with their reputation for luxury and exclusivity, potentially affecting their appeal to the top tier market.


The solution involved a complete overhaul of MBA’s branding and website, aligning them with the 
firm’s luxurious and timeless ethos. The new design incorporated a modern, sleek aesthetic while maintaining the classic charm that MBA is known for. This rebranding effectively communicated the firm’s values and prestige, enhancing its appeal to the target audience 
of Australia’s wealthiest individuals.

The Creato

Process — Design



Identify Needs

Assess client requirements
Analyse market gap
Define project scope


Research Insights

Gather user data
Study industry trends
Review competitors


Design Blueprint

Conceptualise ideas
Draft preliminary designs
Select materials and tools


Develop Prototype

Create functional model
Test for feasibility
Refine technical specifications


Evaluate & Refine

Conduct rigorous testing
Gather user feedback
Implement improvements


Finalise Solution

Perfect design details
Ensure quality standards
Prepare for launch


Deliver & Support

Launch final product
Provide ongoing assistance
Monitor performance

Stakeholder Collaboration

To revamp the Michael Bell Architects (MBA) website, 
a comprehensive design brief was developed, followed by multiple consultations focused on website structure, SEO, and user feedback. This collaborative 
approach ensured that the redesign 
aligned with both the firm’s needs and user expectations.

Competitive Market Analysis

An analysis of competitor websites in the high-end architecture market was conducted. This provided insights into market trends and helped define a strategic approach for the MBA website’s features, structure, 
and content, ensuring it stands out in 
a competitive field.

Strategic Outcomes

Aligned Brand Identity:
The website’s design was transformed into a digital extension of MBA’s classic and luxurious brand, effectively resonating with an audience seeking exclusivity and sophistication.

Enhanced User Experience:
A user-centric website structure was developed, offering intuitive navigation and easy access to MBA’s portfolio and services, catering to the busy lifestyles of their clients.

SEO-Driven Content Strategy:
A content strategy focused on SEO was implemented, significantly improving search engine rankings and attracting the desired audience.

Competitive Differentiation:
The analysis led to the integration of unique features nd content, setting MBA apart in a competitive market with offerings like interactive project galleries and detailed design insights.

Responsive and Modern Design:
The website was redesigned to be mobile-friendly and contemporary, meeting the expectations of a tech-savvy clientele while retaining the classic elegance intrinsic to the MBA brand.

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