Hilti Australia sought Creato’s expertise for 
brochure design, advertising, and product design assistance. The objective was to create materials that were not only visually striking but also practical, conveying messages effectively to their target market within the parameters of Hilti’s established 
brand guidelines.


Hilti needed designs that directly 
communicated with their professional clientele, 
reflecting brand consistency and adhering to fast-paced market demands.


Creato produced a series of designs that harmonised with Hilti’s brand ethos. These designs for brochures 
and advertisements effectively engaged Hilti’s professional audience, blending visual appeal with informative content. Additionally, product design assistance ensured that new concepts remained true 
to Hilti’s brand reputation and customer 

The Creato 
Process — Engineered 
for Hilti


Identify Needs

Grasping Hilti’s product and marketing goals
Staying true to Hilti’s brand guidelines
Defining precise project parameters


Research Insights

Analysing trends in the construction and manufacturing sectors
Reviewing Hilti’s historical marketing materials
Surveying competitor marketing tactics


Design Blueprint

Conceptualising designs in line with Hilti’s identity
Drafting prototypes for brochures and ads
Formulating innovative product design ideas


Develop Prototype

Producing samples for marketing materials
User feedback-driven testing of design concepts
Refining product design features


Evaluate & Refine

Collecting feedback from Hilti’s team
Iterative design enhancements
Upholding Hilti’s brand standards throughout


Finalise Solution

Completing all design aspects
Guaranteeing quality and consistency with the brand
Readying for production and market introduction


Deliver & Support

Handing over the final design suite
Continued support for marketing implementation
Assessing market response and impact

Stakeholder Collaboration

In-depth engagement with Hilti’s marketing team 
was essential, involving detailed briefings and strategy sessions, ensuring the designs met their extensive marketing and branding needs.

Competitive Market Analysis

A thorough analysis of competitor products and advertising was performed. This provided insights into market positioning and strategies to distinguish 
Hilti’s offerings in a competitive field.

Strategic Outcomes

Targeted Professional Branding:
The designs effectively reached Hilti’s professional audience, reinforcing the brand’s stronghold in its industries.

Effective Marketing Materials:
Brochures and ads were devised to clearly 
articulate product benefits, in harmony with Hilti’s brand voice.

Innovative Product Appeal:
Assisting in product design, Creato contributed to concepts that were both forward-thinking and consistent with Hilti’s high standards.

Unified Brand Experience:
All design elements worked cohesively to maintain Hilti’s brand integrity, offering a professional and 
consistent user experience.

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